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How to get and give away free stuff in the Container

Search for free items in the container

Choose the preferred area under the tab "Search area" (see Image 1). Then select the tab "Ads" and the items in the container closest to the selected area are shown (see Image 2). If you have the free version, ads that was entered more than 24 hours ago will be shown to you. If you have the "Premium" version you will see all the ads that was entered more than 10 minutes ago. Scroll through the ads like it´s a news paper and see if you find anything of interest (see Image 3). If you are searching for something specific, you can enter a search text in the search field (see Image 4). When you find what you are looking fore, click on the image to see details about the selected item (see Image 5).

Image 1 Image 2 Image 3 Image 4 Image 5

Contact the owner of an item

To contact the owner, click on "Chat" and the message-window will appear. To start on a new message, click on the button on the top right corner (see Image 6) and start typing your message. Finish by clicking the "Send" button. If it´s your first time you will be asked for your name, email, zipcode and country and an email will be sent to you that you have to confirm before your message will be shown to the reciever. When the owner replies you will be noticed by a "badge" on the selected ad (see Image 7). All the ads you have either written messages to or recieved messages from will be shown under "History". Then it is up to the two of you to decide the way to change owner of the item.

Image 6 Image 7

Block messages from certain user

If you don´t want messages from a certain user, select the ad, click on "Chat", and click on the padlock-button (see Image 8). The messages from that user will not be shown to you for the selected ad.

Image 8

Ad a new ad to the container

Select the tab "New ad". Enter all the required information and click on "Send" (see Image 9). If it´s your first time an email will be sent to you that you have to confirm before your ad will be shown to other users.

Image 9

Remove an ad

To remove an ad that you have added, select the tab "Ads" and then click on "Mine". Only the ads you have added will be shown. Click on the "garbage"-icon and all your ads will get their own garbage-button. Click on the garbage-button on the ad that you want to remove, and select "Delete" and your ad will be remove from the container (see Image 10).

Image 10

Report an ad

If you see an ad that you don´t think should be in the container, click on the image of the ad and select "Flag". When five different users have flagged an ad, the ad will be removed.

The premium version

If you want to get access to all the ads only 10 minutes after they are added to the container, you can get the "Premium"-version. Select the tab "Search area" and click on the top right "key"button. Select "Buy". The changes will take effect after you have reloaded the app.

Share an ad with my friends

To share an ad with a friend, select the tab "Ads". Click on the ad you want to share. When the detail-window of the ads shows, click on "Tell a friend" to share either through email, facebook or twitter (see Image 11).

Image 11

See the location of an item in the container

To see the location of an item, select the tab "Ads". Click on the ad you want to see the location on. When the detail-window of the ad show, click on "Show on map" and the item will appear on a map.